Le projet

  • Location Senigallia - Italy
  • Date 2016
  • Studio Brocanelli Srl - BRAU Battistelli Roccheggiani Architetti

Tucked away in the hills of the Marche region close to the Sibillini Mountains and just a few kilometres from the sea, "Il Gallo Senone Resort" offers a touch of paradise to guests seeking the peace of the countryside. The furnishings in the rooms are individual, refined and made by local artisans using natural raw materials, respecting to the utmost the latest certification for the environment and the health of guests.

During the renovation project of the old farm house and the redevelopment of the architectural complex consisting of three buildings, the house, the stable, the annex, particular attention was paid to high energy efficiency and the consequent energy savings and reduction in costs. BRAU Studio Battistelli Roccheggiani Architetti designed the architectural solutions on two levels, reinterpreting some characteristic elements of rural homes in a contemporary version.

Il Gallo Senone Resort: Photo 1

Produit utilisée

In the bedrooms, exceptional for their versatility and the way they are combined with the bathrooms, Kerlite 3plus ELEGANCE Via Farini in the 50x100cm format was used on the floor, and for the walls in the multi-format with old oak wood inserts. For the walls in the bathrooms, Kerlite 3plus Elegance in the dark, powdery shades of Via Condotti and cut in stripes of different heights, with old oak wood inserts, was used. Kerlite3plus is large-format laminated porcelain stoneware, reinforced with glass fibre -  a lightweight, versatile and resistant material for new design perspectives in the world of architecture and homes. It is an outstanding product. The surface has extraordinary aesthetic qualities due to an innovative production process, high quality raw materials and Cotto d'Este’s experience with thin materials over the past ten years. Kerlite is a unique material and  also a highly sustainable material thanks to the reduced use of raw materials and the lower environmental impact in the production process and in transport operations. The possible applications are many: not only floors and walls, but also furniture and accessories, kitchens and worktops.

Il Gallo Senone Resort: Photo 3
elegance---via-farini elegance---via-farini


Les formats utilisés:

  • 50x100 cm
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elegance---via-condotti elegance---via-condotti


Les formats utilisés:

  • 50x100 cm
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